Saturday, February 15, 2014

The BBB Club

Recently, we went to visit a shaykh, who is already 65 years old.

And he was a true-blue example of our desired Muslim IndividualTM. In addition to having shaykhi qualities (greets you warmly, gives sincere and heart-melting advice, and has a house full of books), he is also

Physically fit (relative to age).

With a flat tummy.

A friend of mine went on a camping trip with this shaykh once, and they had to trek down the shoreline. This was a rocky shore, not a sandy one. Imagine climbing up and down rocks when you are 60. And another friend told me that one of the things that made his heart fall for D&T was seeing this same shaykh playing takraw with people much younger than him. Awesome.

rockin' it at 65
Not too long ago, we went to a waterfall with another shaykh, also aged 65. I was quite worried because it was quite an uphill climb, and 65-year-old men could get knee sores or something like that. To my amazement, he went up faster than myself and when we finally got to the waterfall, he didn't sit on a boring old bench. No, he went on top of a large rock and sat there cross-legged. It was as if he came straight out of a Kungfu Panda movie.

I wonder what i'll be like at 65 (assuming we live that long. I presume that the average lifespans of CIA targets are much shorter)

Art-thritis: the art of making light diseases look life-threatening to skip obligations.

That's where we need to widen our understanding of D&T. Fitness and health is not just a part of tarbiyyah, it is an important part of tarbiyyah. The very point of tarbiyyah is to produce people who are excellent in every sphere of life, and not just excellent in attending their weekly circles with no noticeable output.

D&T is a life-long career, and superhuman stamina is needed.

Abu ayyub died in a raid against the byzantine empire. At that time, he was over 80.

Rasulullah himself started going on skirmishes and campaigns when he was above 50. When things got tense in a war, the sahabah would take cover behind rasulullah.

Imagine, these were young men sheltering behind a very senior pakcik. Makes you want to shed tender tears while uttering 'awesome' with trembling lips.

So inspired by the example taught by rasulullah and the contemporary example of our two shaykhs, today we on RP are launching a new club. Its totally voluntary, you can join anytime and drop out anytime.

Its called

The BBB club.

Belia Benci Buncit (youth against bulge)

Membership fees are zero, and if you want to join just follow these simple steps:

1. Eat moderately
2. Fast 3 times a month
3. Commit to a daily physical activity. No gym membership required. 15 minutes of light physical exercise will do, like walking fast, running up the stairs, shadow boxing etc.
4. Avoid junk food and junk drinks and eat healthy food. Sunnah supplements are recommended. 

If you 'make intention' to do all of the above, then welcome to the BBB club! :DDD

Then we can produce a generation of 


Because the stomach is the worst vessel that a son of Adam can fill. 

Its a touchy subject, but at least one person has to press the (belly) button.


z!!-han said...

this is superb!i wanna join the club!

adlan wafi said...

two thumbs up for BBB!

Anonymous said...

u got the ability to write meaningful stories using simple language. keep up the good work!