Monday, July 1, 2013

the pharaoh still exists, only he's no longer in government

Throughout history, the clash between truth and falsehood has been played out countless times, in every imaginable time and every imaginable place. 

The people of truth call out to one true God, they speak in different tongues and have different colours but their actions are the same. 

And the people of falsehood will do everything in their power to supress the truth.

Let's look at one of these episodes, the epic clash between Musa and Fir'aun.

Musa was facing immense pressure. Whatever he did, whatever signs he showed, Fir'aun and his people would not believe. Everything that Musa tried was automatically pushed off the shelf.

But when good came to them, they said, "This is ours." And if a bad [condition] struck them, they saw an evil omen in Moses and those with him. Unquestionably, their fortune is with Allah , but most of them do not know. (Al A'raf: 131)

It was 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'. If something good happened, they would give credit to themselves. And if something bad happened, they blame it on Musa. They just wouldn't believe, they just wouldn't lower their pride and arrogance.

And they said, "No matter what sign you bring us with which to bewitch us, we will not be believers in you." (Al A'raf: 132)

Truth will always meet with animosity. This is how Allah tests the believers. But if the believers are patient,

And We caused the people who had been oppressed to inherit the eastern regions of the land and the western ones, which We had blessed. And the good word of your Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel because of what they had patiently endured. And We destroyed [all] that Pharaoh and his people were producing and what they had been building. (Al A'raf: 137)

Make du'a for our brothers.