Thursday, January 19, 2012

on the backbone of society

Yesterday i had the chance to meet the director of our local masjid.

We asked about the youth in the area. And he goes on to talk about the activities that are happening in the masjid:

"alhamdulilllah, this mosque is quite busy.."

"we have karate classes for the youth.."

"and football sessions.."

"and tajweed classes for around 200 people.."

"quran classes for kids up to 16.."

"classes for teachers, to teach them how to be better teachers.."

"and this evening, the businessmen in the area are having a meeting in the hall downstairs.."

Businessmen having their meetings in the mosque?? COOLNESS.

I am impressed at how they utilise the masjid. They really use it as a centre for building the community, to get them attached to the masjid and islam. And this is in a 'muslim minority' country. We need a lot more work in our 'islamic home sweet home'.

LOTS more work. And under-utilised mosques are only part of the problem. In our country, mosques are only for 'ibadah (prayers, talks, etc). And that's taking a narrow view on 'ibadah. It should be more than that. Mosques should be the backbone of our society.

This is how it is in our country. We should encourage people to come to the mosque. Clothing is not a barrier, as long as it covers our 'aurah and not vulgar etc.

It should be a place to educate the youth, where discussions happen, where problems within the community are solved. Why are people not attached to the mosque? because our hearts are dead. A lyric goes,

"our mosques are empty, our refridgerators stocked."

Reviving the hearts of this ummah. We've got a huge task ahead.


Anonymous said...

nice article on the mosque's useness.

i also think that the mosque should be the centre of d n t.

i also think that as long as jeans wearing man havent heard the backbiting clearly.. they should assume there is none.

by the way keep it up! nice work

aZua said...

those cartoons , cute , n , masjid katmane yg anda maksudkan ??

The Author said...

to Anonymous : inilah luahan hati seorang pemakai jeans..huhu

to aZua : sebuah masjid di finsbury park~