Tuesday, October 25, 2011

on looking at things

Different people will look at different things with different light, depending on how you view the world.

Let's take a simple object, for example a tree.

A profit-oriented capitalist will say

"Hey look! Let's cut down that tree and make paper. We'll get lots of money for that."

A communist will say

"Comrade! That tree, if we sell it to the capitalist, we'll get money to distribute evenly amongst all our comrades."

An environmentalist will say

"What profits?? That tree is home to all the birds and squirrels. Cut me down first before you cut this tree."

How about us? I mean, i don't know about you, but i hope that after following this blog for a while, you'll get some idea of how to look at things with the light of islam.

"That tree, it is a creation of Allah, and it brings shade for those who sit underneath it. It drops fruit when people throw it with stones. When the lumberjack cuts it down, he sells it to feed his family. The paper from the tree is used to write down knowledge. So much benefits from a thing that could not even move. We humans move a lot, talk a lot, yet what do we give to the world. Allah is magnificent."

How do you look at things?

p/s: I like this poster..its a great illustrator of how we see things.


Izzat Md Yusoff @ Za'ba said...

A tree, I wish to be :)

Anonymous said...

sentiasa berzikir tapi kita tak faham...

memohon doa keampunan untuk orang yang keluar menuntut ilmu..