Saturday, October 22, 2011

on detention; we're all being detained, awaiting trial in the hereafter

Today, we have a chance to take action.

A concerted and intensive action to create a new revolution and rid the world once and for all of injustice!

i exaggerate, but yes, we do have a chance to take action.

basically yeah, in the UK now there's a huge ongoing effort to petition against the extradition to the US of Babar Ahmad, a UK citizen accused of (what else)? But here's the thing. He has been imprisoned for 7 years without any trial, and we thought only malaysia does these things. He is, at 7 years, the longest prisoner detained without trial in the UK.

In our khutbah at LSE today, we were told about the situation of Babar Ahmad. The evidence provided against him is insufficient to charge him in the UK, so they are trying to put him on trial in the US. And if found guilty, he will be sent to a Supermax prison into a solitary cell, where he won't be permitted to meet other prisoners, is only allowed 1 hour outside, and will only get 15 minutes to talk to his family once per month.

And the worst part is, during his first arrest he was subjected to abuse and torture, and one of it was being forced to go into the sujood position, while the police taunted him with cries of "Where is your God now?"

So, our part. If we can get 100,000 signatures before 10/11/2011, the parliament will rediscuss his case and hopefully he will get a fair trial in the UK, and not be subject to further unfair detention. this petition is especially for people currently in the UK.

The ummah is like one body; if one part gets hurt the whole body feels it.