Thursday, January 13, 2011

on complete disavowal

change is hard. but it is the only constant, if Einstein is to be believed.

Changing a worldview? that's even harder.

When the only politics people know is limited to UMNO-Pakatan Rakyat.

When Islam is an exclusive right of mosques, Malays, people wearing kepiahs.

When Islam is not learnt from its source, the Quran and the sunnah, but from 'i think its like this lah..'

And they take comfort in ignorance, not knowing, not even wanting to know.."i can do whatever i want and at the end of the day still go to heaven!"

well good luck. All the signs in The Book say otherwise.

change. Not according to the mould we're used to, no.

For example. a banker wants to create islamic banking, but all he knows is conventional banking, because that's what he was taught. the result? same old, same old conventional banking but with a nice name like 'amanah'.

genuine change. Ibn Khaldun said

"people who found a new dynasty will differ in all respects from the previous dynasty."

So you see, we can't really mix things up and say "well at least there's some parts islamic there"

"To you your way of life and to me my way of life" (Al Kafiruun:6)

understand now what genuine change means?

going back to the first few lines.

It's something beyond UMNO-Pakatan.

Beyond people wearing religious garments.

Nothing, i truly believe, is impossible.

Good luck understanding what i said.