Friday, February 19, 2010

Pooh pooh

So i was in the toilet, doing my business. 'Throwing my big water out', according to the popular Malay idiom.

Some people read, some people play with the water taps. Me? I just stare at the wall and get it done ASAP.

Now to put this story into a better context, let me show you a picture:

The door lock was this knob that you had to twist 90 degrees to lock the door. But this whole time, the knob would only turn 45 degrees, no further. And that was what i did. Turn it 45 degrees. Honest, i thought it was locked.

So i was staring at the wall, when suddenly someone pushed the door open (the door swings to the inside, thank God for the contractors' common sense) With lightning-fast reflexes, i pushed the door shut with the strength of '1000 fists of Xiaolin'. BAMMM!!!

Then i heard the person scream. Girl. Positive -.-

Im sure it was a girl. If a guy screamed like that, i'd be TERRIFIED. Thanks to '1000 fists of Xiaolin', she didn't push the door far enough to see my face. If she did get that far, maybe she'd scream even louder. Or maybe i'd be the one to scream like a girl. *shudder* And what do you know, after that the knob could turn 90 degrees.


Lucy S. said...

omiGod! dah tak suci!

The Author said...

hahah suci lg, xnmpk pape :P

Farhan Baku said...

haha, nice story weyh! did you try looking for the girl by any chance? :P