Tuesday, April 23, 2013

keep calm, uphold solah and carry on

Sometimes the most basic advice is the most profound.

"It all begins from ikhlas and mujahadah (sincerity and struggle). Even if Umar al Khattab or Hasan al Banna rise from their graves and become your murabbi, won't do a thing for you (if you don't have these two things)."

After a while in D&T, the truth of this statement hits you with a resounding 'WHACK'.

Some people are forced to live in far-off places with no people around to always support them, yet they are steadfast.

Others can't be luckier. They are surrounded by good people, have all the reading materials in the world, have lots and lots of opportunities to do good

And yet they stumble.

Abdullah bin Ubayy could have become the best among the people of Madinah. He had Rasulullah as his teacher! He had the sahabah as companions, and je lived when Quran was being revealed!

And yet, his obsession for power overwhelmed him.

And when the going got tough, his heart failed him. He defected from the army of Uhud. The baking sun provided an easy excuse for his men to stay behind while the believers went out to Tabuk.

Ikhlas, and mujahadah. Do it for Allah, and struggle even if the going gets tough. Excuses are easy to find but when you fall for excuses syaitan leaves you behind.

We don't win because our planning is excellent or because we have mastered every single recording of ISK. We win if we are true believers.