Sunday, September 2, 2012

its, you know, 'that' season

'Tis the season. Lots of people around my age are getting married. assuming you know my age, which is almost as anonymous as my identity (aha!)

Which means

Erkkk *sweats*

I'd respond with an ambigous 'hee hee'. what hee hee means, God knows.

In my opinion, a lot people getting married spend a lot of time, energy and money on unnecessary pomp and ceremony. 

- If you've known each other for ages, why 'merisik' or bertunang anymore??? 
- why must the presents be a specific number like RM8,888??? for good luck??

If it was up to me, i'd be like

Alas, our society hasn't reached the point where one could just slaughter a goat and that would be sufficient. That one goat as 'hantaran' and that same goat as 'kenduri'. I remember what a teacher of mine said;

"imagine if all that money was spent on D&T programs".

thankfully some of the ceremonies i went to are starting to become more sensible. Like the one yesterday. Usually an agent would wed the bride on behalf of her father. But in the one i went to yesterday, the bride's father herself wed her. I think that's better. Just imagine, your father-in-law himself shook your hand and gave his daughter in marriage to you. Its like saying, "you better think really hard before doing anything silly".

cut out the unnecessary stuff. traditions don't have to be followed if they make life hard. God gave us beautiful minds, we should use them to think. 

merisik = where the family of typically the guy goes to the family of the girl to get to know her and her family
bertunang = engagement
hantaran = presents given by each party to the other party on wedding day
kenduri = feast/banquet


beat said...

when will u get marry?:p