Monday, May 7, 2012

celebrity treatment

Being a da'ie is like being a celebrity. You're being scrutinized all the time.

I remember when i first met my murabbi (a person who gives tarbiyyah). I was looking at lots of things.

I had this image of what an usrahman must look like. (this is not an exemplary behaviour, but what to do, i was a bit picky *sigh*). What should an usrah guy look like anyways?

Being a da'ie is a tough job. People look at us all the time, and they expect us to be 100% perfect. 
- must be sweet-smelling
- must brush his teeth
- must be smiling all the time
- must have never passed wind all his life
- must must must must must....

"eleh, macam awak tu perfect sangat, nak murabbi yang perfect", (you're not so perfect yourself) said mr. Tom. 

That is why we as D&T-ists must be very careful. Because every little helps. Either they help make it easier for us to convey our message, or help push people away.

Be careful of the qudwah (examples) that we are giving. A good example will be followed throughout the rest of that person's life, and we will get all the rewards as long as he/she keeps doing it. On the other hand, a bad example will also haunt us for the rest of our lives.

And if we are under the guidance of someone else : cut our murabbi some slack. He/she is also human, just like us. And he/she is also trying to improve, just like us. :-)


Anonymous said...

Rajin update blog kebelakangan ni.
Semoga lepas balik for good nnti blog ni akan terus hidup dengan semangat dakwah macam sekarang,insyaAllah

The Author said...

@anonymous : doakan saya ye ;)