Thursday, February 10, 2011

on electronic screens that look like paper

Seriously, Amazon's Kindle has got to be the most awesome piece of gadgetry ever.

For bookworms like me, it's like winning the lottery. Sorry, that's haram. Ok, its like discovering that Obama has renounced the Church of Washington,embraced Islam, put George Bush on trial and announced that as of tomorrow we will be ruling according to Islamic Law. Although that might result in a backlash due the unpreparedness of the masses to embrace the faith.

Imagine not needing to carry lots and lots of books anymore, just a slab the size of a notebook.

But yes, a hammer is only as good as the carpenter using it. Thank you for bursting my bubble. With great power comes responsibility kan?? -.-

Serious contemplations aside, and before the chicken excrement becomes cold (hope it isn't hangat-hangat tahi ayam), let me reKindle my reading spirit.


Ezlan mohsen said...

Bang, kau dah beli ke, baru nak beli? if baru nak beli aku jual mine murah punya.

Unknown said...

baru je beli la bang -.-

y ingin membeli said...

Nak jual brape? Y baru ke?

y ingin membeli said...

Nak jual brape? Y baru ke?

Ezlan mohsen said...

Kindle 3 wifi.

Aku baru beli bulan 11 ke 12, aku beli around 100 pounds.

Planning to sell dalam lebih kurang 60 pounds camtu.

y ingin membeli said...

emm..menarik..wifi only or with 3g? btw, nape nak jual?

Anonymous said...

Sebab dah beli ipad

Wifi only.

y ingin membeli said...

ouh..i c..ermm...xpelah lg..tq