Tuesday, March 17, 2009

P is for..

They say third time's a charm. Whoever said that, i'd like to give them an award. 'Ikmal's Award for Best Quote in a Real-life Situation'.

Anyways, if you have time to peer through my un-updated archives, you'll see that there were two times before this that i blogged with frustration about failing the JPJ driving test. Frustration no longer. :)

I was really nervous this time round. You must be nervous if you're having dreams about balancing the clutch. I was scared shitless.

And to top it off, i never got as far as the real road. You see, there's a DAUNTING hill right before the main road, and twice i slid down that hill. Twice i failed, or twice the hill failed me, depending on your kind of logic.

So yesterday (16 March 2009) i took the test again. Images of potential failure swam in my head. Stalled engine. Sliding backwards. Shaky legs. No-mercy JPJ. And the look of disbelief on people's faces (you failed three times? aisey..)

In conclusion, got-to-pass this time.

Lucky me, i got a male JPJ officer. Not so nervous now. As i went up The Hill, adrenaline swept through my whole system. I stopped at the top. I balanced. I didn't slide. I wanted to pump my fists and shout 'Yeahhhh!!!!', but i kept my composure.

And the rest, as they say, is history. :D


nadiahahn said...

P is for?P........
ahahaha..akak nye dh nk abes bln 6..
dh ade lesen..lagila ligat ikmal nant..huhu

Adrian Koay said...

Gosh, Congratz Ikmal... =)