Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I think that integrity is a word seldom heard anymore

Take an organization. Any organization. And it will probably look like this:


A pyramid. And this is true for almost any organization. There are a few elites on top, and there are substantial numbers of subordinates/foot soldiers who make up the base, all aiming for the highest peak. Let's call today's particular pyramid 'Politics'.

Analogy: If you pour a liquid on top of the pyramid, eventually it will flow, or trickle, to the bottom. Pure logic. How fast it trickles depends on how thick the liquid is. If it's clear, like water, it will quickly flow. If it's a dense, viscous substance like crude oil, the flow is much, much slower. But eventually, everything reaches the bottom.

The liquid permeating our pyramid is a deadly toxin called 'Corruption'. It begins at the top, the result of a twisted little game of 'Quotas and Delegates', and slowly, but surely, the toxins are trickling down. Like the saying goes, 'Monkey see monkey do'. 

It does not need to be that way if the levels of the pyramid are segmented. Then the lower levels could just chop the top off and prevent the flow. But if it was an inseparable, single-minded piece of block, just count the days until the base is corrupted. Then the whole pyramid cracks, and crumbles. 



this is a brilliant post haha.. i know what are you going to say : Thx a lot. Well, I'm going to say, thx a lot too for sharing ur stories with us in the blogosphere. jzkk. May Allah bless you always brother.