Sunday, November 3, 2013

Conversations by the bookshelf

I didn't know that packing old books with your mum could be such an emotional event.

"I want to keep some of these books..they remind me of when you were little."

My whole past flashed by in a series of dusty tomes and yellowed pages.

There were the first-reader books, which i repeated over and over and over again until the pictures are familiar even until now...three little pigs with a wolf who huffs and puffs, red riding hood with a big bad grandma..

There were the disney storybooks, which came out with every new disney movie. Back then you watched them on videotapes, and you had to rewind the tapes to get back to the start, and they made this whirring sound especially if the tapes are old.

There was this encyclopedia which i brought to boarding school. On it was written 'mehmet ikmaludin bin ahmadun nordinie'. A friend of mine wrote that as a prank and taught it was very funny. I reported to the teacher and he got an earful. Now i find it funny too.

"There's a lot of books here..these are all investments on you, you know."

That's an important thing to note. Invest in books for your child.

"Yang ni simpan, bagi anak along baca" (keep these ones, give them to your children for them to read)

"Anak along baca english & arabic je" (my children read only english & arabic)

Lol. Just a few years ago i couldn't imagine that we'd touch on such topics.

How time flies.